Wait, have I been here before?

Well, blog readers, I need to apologize for my shitty spotty attendance over here. I have been so busy expanding the minds of my students, raising two girls while getting little-to-no sleep and being an amazing wife AND jewelry lady that this little slice of heaven over here has gone unnoticed. NOT for long, dear friends. I am back. I have a new computer (not just any computer, an iMac, which is literally my wet dream with a keyboard). And I am going to make blogging a priority again. In fact, I have a sticky note (because I can do that) on my desktop reminding me to get myself over here. I am a commitment fan, and I commit to this. I can’t promise you I will be here everyday, but I will be around more than once every 2 months. Deal? Pinky swear.

What’s new? Well, I have finished my first semester as an adjunct, and I am working on final meetings with my students to go over their grades and give them their placements for next semester. I said goodbye to one class today, and have four more this week. That is a big bummer. I seriously love my classes and can only hope for good things from them in the future. I got attached.

I have an official graduation day for my Master’s. February 26th. Super duper. THAT makes me happy. Next step? Being happy with my accomplishments. Doctorate. However, not until Ellery is in school and/or someone else pays for it. Whichever comes first. 🙂 I would like to be full time at SSC in the next few years, at the latest, and if they have a program where they pay for it, or at least partial pay, I would be all in. (check out those commas!) If not, I can find somewhere to teach that does. I am crazy ambitious enough to know that I will not be happy until I am Dr. Devon Anderson. I don’t think I am going to go PhD. Probably Ed.D. Just as good, less research and less money. I can do everything with it I want to do. Unless, of course, knowing me that isn’t enough and I decide to go PhD. Hey, if someone else is footing the bill, I’ll get both! (haha I am only partially kidding).

Girls are good. Getting ready for Christmas. I am working on a Christmas post in my head, so I won’t say much more about that. They are not sleeping, which is fun, because that means I am not sleeping. And frankly, I am on the edge of sanity at this point. Shawn is good. Getting ready to celebrate five years of wedded bliss here in a few months. RIDICULOUS. For a girl who never wanted to be married, THAT is huge. 🙂

Is everyone on here over on Pinterest? Holy timesuck obsession batman!! I LOVE it. I definitely resisted it for a LONG time, and not so long ago I rediscovered it and MAN I am glad I did. Obviously, can’t you see my enthusiasm with all those CAPS!? Follow me on Pinterest. I’m quite Pinteresting nowadays. 🙂

I would like to start ending my posts with a question, for you the lucky viewers at home to be able to answer. I figure it’s a fun way for us to share ideas without committing to texting or emailing. 🙂

Tonight, I ask you: What are some of your FAVORITE Christmas/Holiday Traditions that you either did as a child, or do now with your family, or both?

My answer: I used to love decorating the tree. Everyone knows that I have been quite the Scrooge McDuck as of late, but I am really getting into Christmas and remembering all of the fun things we did as kids. Tops on my list was decorating the tree. And I still like it today. I also used to LOVE packing in the Suburban (because that’s how we rolled) and going around neighborhoods, looking at Christmas lights. We went to Oglebay once or twice, and I am pleased to announce we are going to start that tradition with our children this week! So excited!! There really is something truly magical about seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child, and my three year old has the biggest Christmas eyes I have ever seen…

Your turn! *I am pointing at YOU, quiet reader who lurks. Quit lurking and participate! It’s fun! And I don’t bite. Unless you ask me nicely…*




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