Another decade bites the dust…


Well, it has to be said. I am leaving my twenties behind. Tomorrow is the big 3-0. And I am so excited. I am not nervous, not worried about the whole “it’s all downhill from here” deal. And really, my twenties weren’t so bad, so I can’t imagine 30+ will be, either. Life is what you make it, and I intend on making it great!! Let’s reflect on my twenties:

In no particular order, in my twenties, I:

*graduated college and started a Master’s program (that shall be mine in 5ish months)

*figured myself out (I hope…lol)

*fell in and out of love, and back in again, and back out again…and finally in love for good.

*figured out that I was not above the law, after all

*worked jobs, randomly, until I finally found my career

*found my passion(s) and realized what is really worth fighting for

*created life three times, losing an angel, yet giving birth to two absolute miracle babies

*realized that motherhood really is what this crazy world is all about

*cheated death and won (more than once)

*figured out that I am worthy of love, and found that with my soulmate and best friend

*married that man right up there ^^ (I love you, Shawn Anderson. Forever and Always)

*redefined myself

*started giving of myself, and my resources, more than I ever thought possible

*found God, lost Him, found Him, denied Him, accepted Him and am working on our relationship

*accepted that I will never have the relationship with some people that I really want to have, and I have to be okay with that (or at least pretend)

*became a homeowner (and all the joys (and $$$$) that come along with that)

*realized my self-worth and became more self-confident than I ever could imagine

*started my own business and have been successful at it

*realized my dreams matter, and I have the power to make them come true

*realized that life is for the living, and that being an adult sometimes sucks, but is so worth it

I have actually done so much more than that, but those are some highlights that my aging (haha) memory can come up with. I have so much to give, so much more living to do, and I intend to do it with passion, fervor and exuberance beyond measure.

So, I say bring it on, 30.

Let’s do this! I am not scared of you! And in the meantime, I will use Arbonne skincare to keep looking like I am in my twenties lol.

And how does this make you feel?

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