When you know, you know…

I think as women in this country, we don’t always allow ourselves to take credit for things that we deserve credit for. We’re “supposed” to blow things off that have the potential to be a big deal when anyone else points them out. We let little compliments slide. ‘Oh you look nice today!’ ‘Oh, really? You think?’ That’s how a conversation for me usually goes when someone pays me a compliment. I ended up being Kind of a Big Deal with Premier Designs, and whenever someone pays me a compliment I still sound like an idiot. I had to make sure I took the compliment and was gracious, instead of letting something ridiculous slip out (“I’m awesome!”) or blowing it off (“I just do what I thought I should do.”). Well, I am refusing that slice of humble pie for dessert tonight, and letting my confidence rule the page. How about a little self-assurance with a side of ego-centrism to start your weekend? I feel like patting myself on the back and highlighting some things I am good at, that I KNOW I am good at, in no particular order. Feel free to add your list, kind readers. It is OUR time to shine!!

Things I Am Good At:
1. teaching. I have been told by my students, my mentors and a few outsiders who have been able to access my discussions by being in the same general area. I know I am supposed to be there, everyday, for my students. And I know that this is my calling. No doubts.

2. empowering women through jewelry.

3. talking. I am a talker. I am not as good at listening, unless I care. But I am working on it.

4. throwing myself under the bus. I don’t need anyone to do it for me, I am the first on that scene.

5. motherhood. the end.

6. wifedom. I am a really good wife (in my own opinion), but I am not a good housekeeper. Or laundry person.

7. writing.

8. procrastinating.

9. making up story lines for General Hospital. Now, if only they would ask me for my input.

10. making lists to kill time.

11. researching. I am a research junkie.

12. forgetting things.

13. paying the bills on time.

14. encouraging people. At least, this is what I am told.

15. humming.

16. standing up for what I believe in. and not backing down, regardless of the cost.

17. helping other people. I don’t like to sit back and watch. I act. sometimes too quickly, but I want to act. it is in my nature. I am a do-er. it’s a curse.

18. planning things. and sometimes forgetting them. but always planning.

19. laughing at myself.

20. loving myself, no matter how I feel or how I look. Regardless of what I am doing or what’s in my head…in my heart, I always LOVE me. and I want to pass that on to my daughters.

I am sure I am missing some, it’s late and I am running on fumes. Sleepless babies do not allow for rested nights. I want to hear from you, the readers. I know you are out there, so stand up and be proud, TOOT your own horns!! I want to hear the toots from here… let’s do this!!

And how does this make you feel?

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