Everyone remembers their first time…

What a month for firsts in the Anderson house!! I started teaching college (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) today. This is so surreal to me. I keep telling people that teaching college was always what I was “going to do” meaning, yeah eventually I will do it, but for now I will just talk about it. WELL friends…TALK no more!! I am doing it. Which is ridiculous, really. lol. I am LOVING it. For real. Have you ever done something SO outside of your realm of possibilities, and then you have a constant adrenaline rush and really truly feel that THIS right here is your calling? And that THIS is what God meant for you to do all along, you just had to get there. Well, if so, you know exactly what I feel like. Still. It’s ridiculous. I am smiling now, thinking of it, thinking of what this means and how it felt to be with my students…. I can’t get into a lot of details but know that already it is confirmed that I am making a difference in my students’ lives and it was DAY ONE. It makes me almost want to cry, if I am being honest. It is so incredible…I can’t stop smiling about it. And giggling. I have worked so hard for this, and now, finally…it is here. I am still in the “pinch me” phase and I am so honored to be here. I actually said to Shawn tonight that I cannot believe this is our life. Finally. We both have actual careers, that we love. We have two little girls that are our reason for being here. We’re doing it. Dare I say it, we’re adults…

AND! Caelan starts preschool tomorrow. Like, full time, 4 days a week preschool. WHAT?!. You know what THAT means!? She’s a BIG GIRL!! I cannot believe it. I am trying not to be emotional about it, because if I am, she will be. But let me tell you, tomorrow I will be a weep-stick lol. Absolutely. I am so excited for her, because she needs this. She is ready for this. She wants to do this and she needs something outside of our house, that is just hers. I am so excited… I can’t explain it. Perhaps tomorrow I will have the words for it. For right now, I just know that I am excited, I am anxious and I am ready for her to knock it out of the park. Her teacher is someone that my sister knows, so I feel better about worrying about who will be with her and how she will be treated… I am just so excited….

Things are good. Real good. Finally, things are falling into place and can I say that I have stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because there isn’t another shoe. And after expecting the worst for as long as I have…this feels so good. ❤

p.s. Just read this quote on a friend’s FB profile: Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, It’s about learning to dance in the rain. LOVE it!! And SO true….


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