Just can’t wrap my brain around it…

Tonight’s post will be in the form of a list. Because that is how my brain is working tonight.

1. My life has taken such a fun turn. I am loving my jewelry business and it is paying off in spades. I am rocking it, working it so it works for me and loving the freedom that comes with being my own boss. I work harder for myself than I have ever worked for anyone else…

2. I am blessed in so many ways and everyday I find a new blessing just waiting to be discovered. I am now annoyingly happy most of the time, more optimistic than ever and loving everyday I have with everything I have. Yes, I still experience stress but I handle it better and I do not let the negativity of others or situations around me affect me like I used to. I rise above it. A lot has to do with being sick of feeling crappy and a lot has to do with turning my eyes and heart upward and tiptoeing back into the warmth of God. I know, I know. Never thought I’d be that girl, but His presence has a lot to do with my new found energy and I truly believe that.

3. My husband is showing me everyday that he supports me, he loves me and he wants to do everything he can for me to see my success. And I, to him. I could not be happier that he is finally in a position he likes, with real opportunity for growth and upward mobility. The energy in this house is SO much more positive than when he worked in his old position. He HATED his job and was miserable every.single.day. And he brought that home with him. He is so positive now, so upbeat and so loving… it is crazy. Parenting frustrations still surface every now and again, but it is nice o know that he is coming at them with a level head and not with a negative attitude due to his work. It is amazing how differently things feel and how positive life can be when you love your work.

4. I still want an Ipad. I cannot justify the purchase except to say I want one. LOL. No logistics. No deeper meaning. I just want one.

5. I am getting more and more excited for my trip to Dallas in July!!

6. PLEASE GO VISIT THE LINK I POSTED A COUPLE DAYS AGO… do what you can, come to the dinner, donate. Whatever. it is important!!

7. My girls blow me away on a daily, if not hourly sometimes, basis. Dead serious. Loving life with my two crazy ladies, babycakes and wafflefries. 🙂 The laughter that comes out of them is seriously music from the heavens… I KNOW if God has a voice, it sounds like children’s laughter.

Add your own random thoughts… I would love to share in the list-dom!

And how does this make you feel?

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