What does it all mean??

Wow friends, it’s been a while since I have been here. Sorry for my absence. Life kind of got busy and I started sucking in the bloggosphere. I apologize. I am BACK though! Woohoo!!

So, someone asked me the other day, “what does this name mean, miss babycakesandwafflefries?” And I had to laugh. Because it started out as a simple phrase that someone said by mistake. Someone was ordering our “Babycakes” earrings, and wanted something else to go along with them, so she said, “I don’t know, Babycakes and Waffle Fries”. Well, I lost it. Because we carry nothing in our catalog called Waffle Fries. Something about it, though, I couldn’t get out of my head. And then I started calling Caelan (oldest daughter), “Babycakes” and Ellery, of course, became “Waffle Fries”. And the name stuck. So, when it came time to start this blog a’rolling, I knew my title. BabyCakesAndWaffleFries. So there it is. Nothing profound. Nothing spectacular. Just a phrase uttered by mistake that rocked my little world and stuck with me.

Lady Gaga. Back to her. Watched her HBO special last night (and DVR’ed it because I am not crazy) and I was once again taken back to the Monsters Ball and fell in love with her all over again. I am so blown away by her generosity towards her fans, her raw and sheer talent and how humble she is, you wouldn’t imagine it but it is so true. She is truly someone to continue to watch and someone for the generations of youth today to look up to. Love my Mother Monster.

Speaking of Mother, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! That’s that. 🙂  I had a wonderful day with my two ladies (the complete set, if you will) and my husband, dad, mom and sister. Good times had by all. Last Mother’s Day we found out that Ellery was a real live growing bean inside of me, so it is kind of neat that it all came full circle today. 🙂

I have my tattoo planned and now to get over the fear of getting it and just get it over with. LOL. I know it isn’t going to hurt as much as I fear it will. I gave birth for goodness sake, I can deal with a needle for a bit. Just need to suck it up and get it done.

I want a Cricut to be able to make things for the girls, make things for the house and to create cards and stuff for other people. I don’t want it to scrapbook, but I hear that’s a side effect that comes when people buy them (lol) so I may end up down that road eventually. I found a wicked awesome deal on one on ebay and now I either need to a) just buy it and get it over with or b) figure out a way to have someone else buy it for me as a gift. I am shooting for letter ‘b’. I asked my mom and dad if they would get it for me now for Christmas and then I’d be taken care of, but they didn’t roll with it. Bah humbug, man!! So, we’ll see. I bartered a bit with the seller to come down on the price, so we will see if he/she takes my deal…. It is for a Cricut Expression and 4 cartridges (and other random accessories). I feel like I am supposed to have one, because the universe keeps putting them in front of me for great prices and I contemplate and then I say no, and regret saying no because I miss the deal, AFTER I realize all the awesome sauce stuff I could do with it for the girls and others in my life. Ack. Decisions.

Weight Watchers weigh in today and….*drumstickroll please*….I am down 7 lbs in 10 days. NOT too shabby. I haven’t had the time to get to the gym, again with the life and the busy-ness and the blah blah blah (excuses, excuses I know). And I feel like a lot of the water weight is gone, but I know I hit the Easter basket leftovers pretty hard off and on all week, and I need to knock that crap off, so I bought healthy snacks to have around so I don’t pig out on candy. I don’t care if it is only 3 points, it’s the worst 3 point option I could have. I don’t buy it yet that you can eat whatever you want on WW, because yeah, there’s a points system in place for a reason, but really if you eat Cadbury Eggs or brownies all day, you’re not going to lose much. As I proved this week, LOL. So, we’ll see… keeping motivated. Sticking to my points and learning healthy options really do make sense in the scheme of things!! Whodathunk.

Well, Shawn should be moseying in anytime now and we need to feed Ellery a bottle and get to bed. Someone (me) got a little wasted tipsy last night on some sweet, sweet wine and I started the day feeling mighty over hung. And though that feeling has subsided, now I am just plain tired. I do so love me some sweet red wine…

Good night. Sweet dreams.

And how does this make you feel?

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