I need some GTL…

Yes I mean gym, tan, laundry.

Gym: I need to get to the gym and make it a regular thing. I need Caelan to stop hating childwatch and start figuring it out. Because I am on a roll with this Weight Watchers business, I just need to be able to go sweat it out everyday, ideally but I will settle for every couple days. I feel better. I look better. I AM better when I get time at the gym. And if this weight loss thing is going to work, it will only work with both diet and exercise. I have the discipline to do it, I’ve proven that. I just need the chance to get into the routine of it (Caelan, can you hear me? This is where you step it up and lend me a hand, here….).

Tan: This dark, grey, gross, wet, cold, insert other disgusting adjective here spring has not been the most uplifting. My seasonal affective disorder was under control over winter because I was pregnant. And now, I’m obviously not and the fact that the sun has come out for approximately one whole day in the last couple weeks is not helping. Sure, it was nice for almost a week, so obviously I am exaggerating slightly, but honestly enough is enough. I heard today that this is the coldest spring on record for seventy years. SEVENTY.YEARS. That is nutso futso. It has been cold, wet, grey…and my body knows it is supposed to be nicer than it is. So my brain goes into depression survival mode and all I want to do is eat. And sleep. I made myself go outside when the sun did decide to show up this afternoon, and the girls and I took a walk this evening, but man…what a rough day. I am ready for spring to be…well…spring. And warm. Heck, scrap warm. I am ok with a little nippy, just break out the sun. I contemplated going tanning (some little ten visits for ten dollars deal) just to help out every now and then, but I am holding out hope that the sun will come out and stay out soon. I need that. Badly. SOON.

Laundry: I am tired of doing laundry. For some reason it is the one chore that, even though it does itself, I don’t like dealing with. I don’t like folding. I don’t like sorting. I am not a fan. Caelan LOVES folding and sorting, so the minute she is able to do it successfully without much engagement from me, it’s her job. I will pass off that one…forever. And Ellery, hopefully likes dusting, because that’s my second least favorite chore.

GTL, baby.

And how does this make you feel?

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