Mixed bag tonight, folks.

Someone came to my little corner of the internet via Google. Three someones. That’s awesome! Hi, Googlites! Hope you enjoyed your stay! Come back, now, ya here? 🙂

I am tired tonight. And filled with mixed emotions thanks to Osama Bin Laden. Part of me (the biggest part, if I am being honest) is super happy he is dead and cannot reign any more terror on my homeland. The other part is not rejoicing in a death and is mad at the part that is rejoicing. Sure, it is easy to be happy about it, he was a mass murderer and an enemy of the USA for decades. But it is still a human life, and do with it what you will, I don’t like the feeling of being happy that someone died. Even if it was a known enemy to our safety.

And in the same breath, I will prove I am a walking contradiction, and say that I am pro death penalty. So, isn’t that what the Navy Seals did last night: condemn a man to death for his crimes against our people? Absolutely. But I can’t shake the human element, the playing of God if you will, and that makes me realize that my world views may be changing and maybe I am not as okay with the death penalty as I think I am….

I agree with the saying that goes something like “if we treat everyone an eye for an eye, the world will go blind” or some other such verbiage, but I also feel that in some cases, it is the only way. I think murderers should be done to them as they’ve done to others. In most cases. But with Osama Bin Laden, I struggle because he never killed anyone directly. He just played upon his followers’ sense of loyalty and masterminded so many plots against us, on our own soil. He put into motion 9/11, which still to this day affects me. And maybe he did deserve to die, in some ways, because he is pure evil. I don’t know. I am torn. He took thousands of lives, so he should lose his own. I can live with that. But were we trying to kill him or an ideology? Were we fighting Osama or his beliefs? We were fighting both, but killing the person doesn’t kill the ideology, and the ideology can live on in others… Again. I am not sure how to feel, and have mixed feelings.

I think our President, Barack Obama, deserves as much credit as the ones who executed him. He sat on the info, made the right choices and finally felt we were in a good enough position to carry out the mission at hand. Kudos to him. Another reason why I will vote for him again.

I won’t go dancing in the streets, but I won’t say I am not relieved either. His followers, though he really held no power and he had no real strong supporters as of late, will probably try to do something in retaliation. And I expect it, as does our military. His power, though diminished, may still exist to some. And that’s fine. We’ll handle them, too. 🙂

So I say, I am proud to be an American. I am proud of our military. I am proud of our President. Thank you all for doing what you do to keep me safe. Lord knows I do not have the desire to fight for our country, I am a pacifist of the highest nature (and a big sissy pants, to boot).

What do you think? Play nice with each other, and with me, but what are your thoughts? Agree or disagree, just remember, I moderate… 😉

And how does this make you feel?

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