How in the world do my glasses get so dirty?!

I don’t understand how the layer of, what I can only describe as crap, gets caked on my lenses. I can see through them, but wow, barely. I took them off and am flabbergasted as to how dirty they are. I need glasses windshield wipers and a cleaning fluid dispenser. For real.

We took little miss Potty Pants to Chuck E Cheese today. It was what she was working for on her potty chart. And I am telling you, she has got this potty thing down. She has had one accident this past week, and that was because she was afraid of asking the ladies at the Y to go to the potty. Which, is understandable. I now leave the house with her just in panties (and plastic pants, just in case) and we have no pull-ups. I am so proud of her. It seems like all of a sudden she has grown up, so  fast, in the past couple weeks.

She now:
1.Tells us when she is hungry and eats. She has not taken her reflux meds in almost a month, and is on no other meds. THIS is the best accomplishment, and even if it does not last, I am celebrating it while it does…
2. Goes potty, of course, as was mentioned before. Has not had an accident overnight or over nap/quiet time in over a week and is loving going potty all by herself.
3. Sleeps decently. Not perfectly, but decently. And that’s all I can ask.
4. She just LOOKS older.
5. She now counts backwards from 12 to 1 and can sing the ABC’s in a round with me without getting confused (I still get confused LOL).
6. She takes pictures now with my phone, and some are not half bad. I am going to post some here once I finish writing.*

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I think we are going to go to the YMCA preschool nearby, and check it out. I am ready for her to be in preschool and frankly, she needs socialization. She needs to figure out how to play with other kids, because I do not want her to be that ridiculously smart kid who has no social skills. And she is essentially a tiny adult, and that isn’t okay with me. She needs friends her own age and to figure out how that whole situation works. And I think the YMCA will do just that. And if it doesn’t, than we go somewhere else. No biggie. I will find something that works for her. 🙂

She’s a big girl now. And in two months and one week, she will be 3… and I can’t believe how much she’s grown….

*I cannot post the pics because they are ginormous and I cannot figure out how to scale them down. o.O

And how does this make you feel?

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