I found out on Facebook…

That’s how I found out that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Now I am waiting for the President to speak.

I am excited because this is finally the possible end to the war. There will be retaliation, I am sure, but I am sure we can handle it.

I don’t think the retaliation will be as big as some fear, because he had lost a lot of followers along the way, be it to death or to them leaving his side. I am not excited about the continued loops of 9/11 coverage, because that makes me sad and want to cry… I die inside a little more every time I see those buildings fall.

So, Osama Bin Laden is dead. That’s awesome. Even more awesome? That the US military did it. That Obama did what Bush could not. That the war may have slight justification now, because essentially finally: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Now we can focus on handling any retaliation, and end this war.
Now my peaceful Muslim and Islamic friends can live in peace.
Now my daughters will not have to worry about Bin Laden creating the havoc in their lifetime he created in mine.
Now my friends who are in the military can celebrate and know that this had a true purpose.
Now the peace-loving world can breathe a sigh of relief.
Now we can rejoice as a nation. Because at the end of the day, after almost ten years, we did it.

We got him. Good work men and women.

Proud to be an American.

Where were you when you heard the news? Share your story and thoughts.

1 thought on “I found out on Facebook…

  1. Yep, I saw it first on FB too. My first reaction was “It’s about time!” But then I started thinking about what kind of aftermath may come. I’m relieved that such an awful leader is no longer a threat, but I don’t think our terrorist problems are over in the least, unfortunately.

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