Oh, Weight Watchers…

Let’s discuss. Weight Watchers.

Now, I never fancied myself to be someone who would be considered overweight. I have always teetered in between like maybe possibly needing to lose 5-10 lbs. Never thought I’d be considered like 30-40 lbs overweight based on my height (thirty to forty…honestly!!). I only have 5 lbs to lose to be back to my prebaby weight, but apparently I was overweight then, too!! Seriously. I don’t think I appear to be that much overweight, but possibly I do and my mirror is a big fat liar pants. Possible. Either way, I am overweight. And I don’t want to jump into obese. So, Weight Watchers to the rescue.

As a SAHM I am around my house (and my food) constantly. So I graze. All day. NOT ANYMORE FRIENDS!! I am on a points system now. And I am taking it seriously. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. And since we joined the YMCA, once Caelan decides that she actually CAN play with the other kids and not sit in the room and cry so that I have to leave to come and get her, I can hit the machines hard and start seeing results quickly. I have noticed little changes here and there so far, but it’s only been four days since I started. And the biggest change is:


As a constant snacker and grazer, it is no wonder I am overweight. And it is SO HARD not to go out and slather myself dig in to the Easter baskets and have a little treat. Every fifteen minutes now and then. I snack now on veggies. And fruits. All day. Which is fabulous because they are zero points. And all water, which means zero filling. So I am hungry a lot. Luckily I can use activity points to counter some of my food points, and as a Points Plus member, I get an additional amount of points each week on top of my daily points that I can use for a splurge here or there. And I understand that I will stop being hungry once my body is used to starving itself this new plan. But, goodness me. I am a hungry girl.The only way to get past that is time. And effort. And the occasional KitKat.

I am amazed, though, at how little point value some things have (example: Cadbury Egg: 4 pts! YAY!) and then again how high some of my fave foods are in points (example: Mac and Cheese: 11 points! OH NO! Woe is me!). So I am adjusting. And my freezer is full of Smart Ones. Because they are really delicious, and good meals for minimal points and maximum impact. I am a super fan of the Smart Ones. I ate them constantly before my wedding and lost like a boat load of weight, so I know the system works, as long as you also exercise with it. Which I am.

This is my new life. Counting points, reading labels, stuffing myself like a bunny full of vegetables. And I know it will work. And I know I will be happy when I am at a “not overweight” weight. And I already feel better by cutting out the crap and constant snacking. It will take time. It will not be the easiest all the time. But I can do it. Because Jennifer Hudson says I can.

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