The Royal Wedding was….


I have been obsessed with the British monarchy for a long time. I love the rich history, the tradition and culture and the power that the Royal Family has. While I don’t always agree with the way things were done in the past with regards to Kings and Queens behaving badly, I have always been fascinated by the Royals *and not just because Jonathon Rhys Meyers made an incredibly hot King Henry VIII*.

When Princess Diana died, I remember weeping in bed…and that event was one of the big reason that I decided I did not want to be in entertainment journalism anymore.I wanted to be a tv journalist, and probably within the entertainment/pop culture realm, because I am always geared towards celeb news. Now, I would not be a paparazzo, but the fact that journalists were the cause of her death… I could not continue along that path. In fact, she died on August 31, which is the birthday of a former friend of mine, and I remember talking to her about it the next day. It was horribly tragic, senseless and it effected me. I still started to pursue journalism, got into the Scripp’s School of Journalism for magazine journalism. Did not pursue that, didn’t feel as dedicated to that medium as I was entertainment, but knew I didn’t want to follow along the entertainment path. So, I got out of it altogether.

Princess Diana was definitely an amazing soul, and I cannot believe I am going to say this (and it may be an unpopular opinion) but I feel that Catherine fills that ideal perfectly. She hasn’t had the opportunities to do all that Diana did during her reign (heck she hasn’t even been Duchess for 24 hours yet). It seems, though, that she will be able to do more than Diana did. They may have different areas of interest (since AIDS was one of Diana’s big interest and isn’t as huge of a story anymore, which is a sad fact since it continues to kill people every single day), I feel that Catherine will definitely define herself as the People’s Princess as Diana once was.

William. Oh William. I had pictures of him on my walls. I have had the biggest crush on him. He never seemed to be someone who wanted to attention that comes with being Prince, and that’s what is so endearing about him. The image of him and Harry walking behind Diana’s casket processional is forever engrained in my brain. Catherine is a good match for him, since she was a commoner before they married. I guess I always wanted to know what it was like to make out with be friends with William. I would never want to marry him, too much attention and scrutiny, but friends would be ok. And he seems like the kind of guy who would be friends with a spunky little lady like myself. He’s normal. Which is nice. Refreshing. And still weird as hell that the new generation of Royalty is MY AGE!! Crazy cakes. (when did Prince Harry get SO hot!? OMGOODNESS…swooooooon!!)

Anyway, the wedding. So. Beautiful. I got teary-eyed, chin-quivery and all a-flutter.  Both down to earth people, in love and celebrating that fact with the world. Her dress was gorgeous. He looked very handsome as well. The energy was palpable (and I watched it after it was done, because I DVR’ed it due to needing sleep lol). When he told her she looked beautiful, I about lost it. He told her dad he wanted a small family affair as a joke, when her dad walked her up the aisle. In the carriage they asked each other if they were happy. And that’s when it hit me: THEY ARE NORMAL PEOPLE. Sure, they have power and titles and royalty. Underneath, though, they felt the same way I did when I got married. Giddy. Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Happy. In love. You could SEE the joy and the love, she was glowing and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. I laughed as they chitchatted. And I realized I felt kind of bad for Catherine. She couldn’t just run around, squealing and giddy with her friends and family, skipping and singing from the rooftops. She was under so much attention, so much expectation…that would stink! I couldn’t imagine NOT being able to do that at my wedding reception and on my wedding day…being a Princess would not be all that fun!

I will post some of my favorite pictures from today. I hope I never forget how I felt when I remember this wedding, because I felt for them the same way I felt for myself on my wedding day. Feel free to share your memories (no snarkiness or negativity please. this is not the place for that, and I will not allow for it) and your favorite moments and pictures from the Royal Wedding.

My favorite quote from the day: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St Catherine of Siena. The Bishop of London started out with this today, and it struck me and I can’t get it out of my head. It is so true.

Celebrate Love. With everything tragic going on in this world, a Celebration of Love is SO necessary. And refreshing. Love. Love. Love.

How could scoop the cute right off of them...thank goodness, the first one sucked ;)gorgeous in yellowhow gorgeous.

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  1. and OF COURSE after I publish this, I find like eleven more pics I like on the special on TV…Oh well LOL I’m not adding more 🙂

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