Spammy McSpammerson…

I just got my first comment to my blog which came out of complete left field and had nothing to do with my posting. LOL. It was in the spam folder, and I normally wouldn’t have checked it, but my girl Paige had a comment she left me get sent into my Spam folder, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t from her. Because her comments rock my little world.

So, tomorrow I will be in the same room as Lady Gaga. OHMYGOODNESS I cannot express fully how excited this makes me. For reals. I have been obsessed with loved her since “Just Dance” made me, well, just dance!! I don’t think I have been this excited for a concert since the night I met my husband at the House of Blues (Breaking Benjamin was there.. and they are my all time favorite ever lust objects band). And that was a night to remember, let me tell you!! Lady Gaga is just amazing. Her fights for gay and human rights just hit me to the core. She doesn’t care who she offends, she just does her thing. And really, it’s not offensive. What I am NOT the hugest fan of is that she is half naked. A lot. And she doesn’t NEED that aspect to be popular or appealing. Her songs actually have an excellent message and I don’t know why she decides to be half naked a lot and sell that side of herself. She isn’t some PopTart singing in breathy tones, she is REAL with a REAL message and REAL causes she fights for. I don’t get it. But I love her just the same, I just won’t let my daughters watch her videos (but let me tell YOU does Caelan love herself some Gaga. Girlfriend can sing most of “Born This Way” without help lol). So yeah, I am more than excited for tomorrow night!! I will post all about it because I post all about everything that’s what I do.

We have put Caelan in what she calls “cotton panties” (not pull-ups) and plastic pants for the overnight. Hopefully if she does have an accident and she feels it, she will knock this madness off. I am NOT buying another Pull-Up until Ellery decides she needs them. And even then, if this panty experiment works, we won’t use Pull-Ups then either. Caelan knows what to do. She knows how to do it. She just needs reminders to do it all the time. And from what I have heard, this works. So we’ll see. Wish me luck and pray for us.

Hopefully we sleep tonight. Would be nice. Tell my girls I’d like some sleep. And so would their daddy. Thanks.

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