Today was spectacular…

Really. I am so glad I am deciding this is my vacay week. I have so much to get done in my house that I will be busy until my next jewelry show on Sunday. Seriously. I have a mountain pile of laundry so big it is taking up the better part of a quarter of my bedroom. I want to get the girls clothes separated for spring. Caelan doesn’t have very much in the way of summer clothes, and Ellery’s busted out of 0-3 months and is onto 3-6 with rapid rate. I am not used to babies who grow the way they are supposed to, and the fact that Caelan was a season behind in clothes means that Ellery is in business for spring and summer. Until she decides to get bigger and grow into 9 months clothes by the end of July. Crazy how big she is getting…

There is a consignment sale at a local church and I am planning on going there Friday to stock up on 2/3t clothes for Caelan for summer. So, everything I need to get done has to be done by Friday morning. I can do that. I need to get her dressed on a budget because it is costing me $347463284768 $3.99 a gallon to fill up my car…RIDICULOUS. Seriously. Why in the world are gas prices so high??

Anyway, we went through Caelan’s toys tonight, separated what she actually plays with versus what she can do without, boxed up a bunch of toys for the basement and threw some away. I wish we could say we are recycling them, but again with the whole “I am lazy until I pay for it”. I bagged up a bunch of stuffed animals for Goodwill and a bunch to donate to the police/fire for “the sick kids” as Caelan puts it. And I am refusing to step into BuildaBear again. LOL. No, I am obviously kidding, my child loves BuildaBear and I would never deny her that fun experience, but really I am going to request everyone who buys her one keep it at their house. Because over half of what she had came from my sister and her fiancee, and really, she doesn’t need all that. She is keeping the majority of the BuildaBears, but she wanted to donate a few of them, and I am impressed. She was willing to give them up for the good of others, and that is huge in my book.

So I will be domestically kicking butt this week, feel free to come over and lend a hand. I will buy you pizza and beer. Or one of the two, whichever you prefer. I need to be better at managing my calendar, to be a good role model for my Premier ladies, so I don’t think I will be packing 17389 10 shows into a month anymore. I need to work smarter, not harder, and this week will give me plenty of time to reflect on that and making it a reality, not just a buzz phrase. Off I go to look into storage systems. Be jealous.

And how does this make you feel?

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