Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again…

Happy Easter!

This morning was like Christmas morning in my house. Caelan could not WAIT to come wake us up and see what the Easter Bunny brought for her. She was ecstatic. And the Easter Egg Hunt…was a smashing success. She loved opening each egg, and delving into the Squinkies that I the Easter Bunny filled them with. Squinkies are the Thing right now. Oh yes. And I love them, too. Because she can use her imagination (imagine that!) and make them do whatever she wants them to do. Which is awesome. Because not a lot of toys right now really promote the use of imagination and the like.

Easter always makes me think of sacrifices. And in my daily life, I am always sacrificing something for something else. I sacrifice time with my girls to be able to work and be a student. I sacrifice time with my husband to do work and school stuff. I also sacrifice time both for school work and Premier work to spend time with my girls and husband. My life is filled with small daily sacrifices, and although none of them are easy to do, I can justify them (“I am being a good role model for my girls by showing them that powerful and smart women can own their own business and make it work.” “I am being a good role model by getting my full education and reaching my full educational potential.” “I am being a good wife by bettering myself and my chances for the future and not leaving the brunt of financial support for my family on my husband.”). They aren’t a huge deal in the end, and none of them even comes close to the Sacrifice that God laid out for the human race. He gave his only child, a Son named Jesus for the betterment and salvation of us all. And really, at the end of the day, I don’t know one other person who would do that today. I wouldn’t. That’s for sure.

Thanks you, Lord. Your Sacrifice makes me able to live and to know that there are better things for me. I am able to be saved, and to trust that I will one day meet you and my loved ones again in Heaven once I also leave this Earthly place. Your Sacrifice is my Salvation. I cannot thank you enough.

And how does this make you feel?

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